Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation Crews to Assist with Hurricane Michael Recovery Efforts in Georgia

Carthage, TN. – Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation (UCEMC) is once again sending crews to help with storm recovery efforts. Line workers and equipment are rushing to assist cooperatives in Georgia as the biggest storm in 13 years brings life-threatening storm surges and 145 mph winds to the Panhandle.


General Manager Jimmy Gregory says UCEMC crews always respond quickly to help surrounding co-ops. “Strong storms like this can leave thousands of people without power,” Gregory said. “The working conditions are difficult and the hours are long, but it’s good to know that if we had a big storm here, we could count on our neighboring co-ops to help us.”


The massive hurricane is expected to leave widespread power outages across much of the northeastern Gulf Coast. UCEMC crews will be in place to assist as soon as it is safe to work.


“Ten of us are headed down there and we’re taking digger trucks, bucket trucks and other equipment to help restore power,” Foreman Joe Frizzell said.  We ask that everyone keep those who are hardest hit by this storm in your thoughts and prayers.” Frizzell and his crew join more than 80 other line workers from electric co-ops across Tennessee who will be assisting with hurricane recovery efforts. The Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association in Nashville is coordinating requests for mutual aid and makes travel and lodging arrangements for crews who respond.


UCEMC is owned by those it serves and provides safe, reliable and affordable energy to more than 50,000 members in Smith, Putnam, Jackson, Overton, and fringe areas of Macon, DeKalb, Wilson, White, Clay, Fentress and Pickett counties.


Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has announced a retail rate increase of approximately 1.5 percent effective October 1, 2018. In addition, Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation (UCEMC) will be implementing a retail rate adjustment of 2.46 percent to cover the rising cost of providing reliable electric service, such as meter installation, maintenance, tree-trimming, infrastructure including poles and transformers, and other upgrades to meet customer growth in Smith, Putnam, Jackson, Overton, and fringe areas of DeKalb, Macon, Wilson, White, Clay, Fentress, and Pickett counties.

For example, based on 1,000 kilowatt hours of usage per month, residential members will see an overall increase of approximately $4.91 to the monthly bill. 

TVA rate adjustments over the last ten years, combined with the ever-changing Department of Energy (DOE) efficiency mandates and rising operations costs, have increased the cost of providing service to UCEMC members.


It has been nearly two decades since there has been a price increase approved by the UCEMC Board of Directors.

UCEMC has more than 50,170 meters and more than 4,600 miles of power lines running through its service area primarily in Smith, Putnam, Jackson, and Overton counties. UCEMC’s corporate headquarters are located in Carthage, Tennessee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are energy rates increasing?

TVA rate adjustments and the DOE mandates for utilities have increased the cost of providing reliable and quality service to UCEMC members.

What is the amount of the approved rate adjustment?

Beginning October 2018, there will be a TVA retail rate increase of approximately 1.5 percent – this causes an increase in what UCEMC has to pay when buying power from TVA. UCEMC will be implementing a retail rate adjustment of an additional 2.46 percent, which is necessary to cover the cost of providing service.

UCEMC needed to implement a price increase for these reasons:

1)    Building and upgrading infrastructure. UCEMC is owned by those we serve and we are evolving along with our members and their energy needs. Every decision we make is focused on providing our members with safe, reliable power that serves to support growth and new jobs for the area.

2)    Maintaining reliable electric service. UCEMC continues to focus on safety and reliability through regular system maintenance and modernizing the grid by replacing aging equipment, such as older or weather-damaged power poles, conductors and transformers.

3)    Investing in technology. UCEMC continues to look for ways to cut costs such as implementing automated meters, fiber optics, and digital layouts of power line infrastructure using GIS Mapping Systems technology.

What is the impact of these rate adjustments on my bill each month?

Based on 1,000 kilowatt hours of use, a residential member, for example, will see an overall increase of approximately $4.91 on their monthly bill.

What do our energy rates and charges pay for?

Approximately 75 cents of every dollar that comes to UCEMC goes directly to TVA to pay for the power we purchase. The remaining amount goes to cover the various expenditures for operations, maintenance and infrastructure of the system, upgrades, and emergency & storm repair.

How can I better manage and budget my energy bills each month?

You can save money with tips and tools to lower your energy usage.

  • Check out our conservation tips here on the UCEMC webpage.
  • UCEMC offers Budget Billing to its residential members in equal monthly amounts for electric service at that specific location. The equal monthly amount is based on the member’s past use history, credit experience and other sources of information for future use at this location. The Budget Billing form can be reviewed here on this website.
  • Participate in PrePay. The POWER YOUR WAY program from Upper Cumberland Electric is an option for our members seeking an alternative way to pay for their service. The program allows participants to avoid a deposit and monthly bills, customize their payment schedule, purchase energy when convenient, and monitor their own consumption.  


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The management and staff welcome you and thank you for choosing to visit us.  Please visit our Customer Portal to access your account information, such as billing, payment and usage history, bill payment and account profile updates.

More about your cooperative...

The UPPER CUMBERLAND ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION (often shortened to UCEMC) is an electric power distribution cooperative. UCEMC is owned and operated by its members and distributes electric power through more than 4,600 miles of lines to more than 50,000 members located primarily in Jackson, Overton, Putnam and Smith Counties and northern DeKalb County. However, several members are served in the fringe counties of Clay, Fentress, Macon, Pickett, White and Wilson.

A board of nine directors elected by members from the membership directs UCEMC. A general manager, employed and directed by the board, manages operations of the cooperative with a staff of 132 employees.

UCEMC had assets of $186.9 million at the end of FY 2018. Operating revenue from the sale of 1,059,829,782 kilowatt hours and other revenue totaled $114 million from which it paid TVA $85 million for the power sold and $29 million for operating expenses and debt expense. The remaining margin of $230 thousand is being used to help finance new construction.

Bustling residential, commercial and industrial communities flourish in the Upper Cumberland Region of Tennessee due in large part to abundant and economical electric power distributed by the UPPER CUMBERLAND ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION.

eScore Home Improvement Program
Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation (UCEMC) and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) are pleased to announce eScore, a home energy improvement offer that provides homeowners with simple ways to make existing homes as energy efficient as possible.  Through instant rebates on eligible improvements performed by members of the Quality Contractor Network (QCN), eScore allows homeowners to work toward a perfect score of 10 at their own pace, re-engaging with the program as many times as needed to achieve their home's best possible energy performance.  eScore is currently an exclusive offer to residential customers served by UCEMC.  Please visit the following link www.2escore.com for more information.  For animated videos select eScore
UCEMC cautions members to be on alert for scams!
UCEMC members continue to be targeted by utility scams.  For more information utility scam.

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