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Gregory,  has been recognized for outstanding achievement by TVPPA

Melissa Gregory of Upper Cumberland EMC has been recognized for outstanding achievement by the Tennessee Valley Public Power Association.


At TVPPA’s 2018 Utility Purchasing & Materials Management Conference, conducted in April at Gatlinburg, TN’s Park Vista Hotel, TVPPA Education & Training Services presented Gregory with the Utility Purchasing & Materials Management (UPMM) certificate.


A member of the first UPMM graduating class, Gregory earned the recognition by completing a rigorous, comprehensive course of study. TVPPA’s UPMM curriculum focuses on contracts, quality metrics, work-order systems, negotiations, business strategies, and utility case studies.


“The earning of a UPMM is an outstanding achievement by any standard,” said TVPPA Director of Training Kim Culpepper. “Upper Cumberland EMC will, no doubt, benefit quickly and significantly as a result of the work Melissa did to earn this recognition.”


Jimmy Gregory, the cooperative’s general manager, added his congratulations.


“Melissa is an outstanding representative of our cooperative,” Gregory said. “She plays a vital role in helping us serve our members to the best of our ability every day, and her service is very much appreciated.”


The Tennessee Valley Public Power Association (TVPPA) is the non-profit, regional service organization representing the interests of the 154 consumer-owned electric utilities that purchase wholesale power from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and distribute it to 9 million customers in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia, Virginia and North Carolina.


TVPPA’s Education & Training Services maintains a comprehensive selection of utility-specific professional management and technical training programs for utility employees.  The mission of the TVPPA Education & Training Committee is to aid TVPPA in the development and delivery of nationally recognized education and training opportunities to meet current and future electric utility workforce needs.


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