Cooperative News

Agricultural Sales and Use Tax Certificates

Every four years, the Department of Revenue reissues agricultural certificates of exemption to all current exemption holders. Renewed certificates are mailed during the latter part of December before the end of the certificate's expiration date (certificates for the current period expire December 31, 2019).  New certificates have an effective date of January 1st of the following year, and they will expire on December 31st  four years later.


Members claiming the agricultural exemption on their purchases are required to give their supplier an exemption certificate that includes the Agricultural Sales Number.   In order to remain tax exempt, UCEMC members who are exempt are responsible for furnishing UCEMC their Agricultural Sales Certificate information.


UCEMC would like to notify our members of the "service disconnection" scam.  The scam begins with an urgent phone call by someone pretending to be an electric cooperative employee. The caller warns the consumer that electric service to their home or business will be disconnected unless immediate payment is made. 

UCEMC members are encouraged to contact your local office if there is any suspicious activity or if they wish to confirm the identity of anyone claiming to be a representative.

Please visit the following link to avoid energy scams. www.tnelectric org