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Power Your Way After the Storm

Q: Why is my Pre-Pay (Power Your Way) alert showing usage during a period when the power was out?
A: First of all, you will never have to pay for the power that you don't use, but some members report that Power Your Way (Pre-pay) accounts were continuing to estimate and post readings even though their power was out during the storm.
Rest assured, the correct readings and kilowatt-hour CHARGES WILL BE ADJUSTED now that the power is restored.
Members may access their Power Your Way (Pre-pay accounts) through the UCEMC portal to view and validate their daily actual usage. If you were without power during the storm, your readings will show zero kWh usage for that period even though the metering system continues to estimate the readings. Once your power is restored, UCEMC reconciles any estimated kWh usage charged to your account.
If you need ADDITIONAL TIME TO PAY your electric bill due to the extreme weather event, please contact Michele Nixon, Manager of Credit & Collections, at the Corporate office at 1-800-261-2940 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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