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The Simple Truth About Space Heaters

space-heaters-at-what-cost-UCEMC Space Heaters At What Cost?

Some advertisements indicate that portable electric heaters are highly efficient. Truth is, they are designed to provide adequate short-term heat for a bathroom or other small area and long-term use may be cost prohibitive. It’s a constant flow of electricity that causes that wire to glow red-hot and produce heat.

There are many different types of portable electric heaters. Some are displayed in attractive, designer cases which can escalate the price to a hundred dollars or more. But whether they’re oil-filled, infrared, ceramic, designer or basic, they all do

the same thing - they provide costly resistance heat.

Other heaters cost as little as $30 and may have only two settings: 750 and 1,500 watts. One with dial settings can cost more. If you plan to purchase a portable electric heater and cost is a concern, compare the wattage and whether it has a fan or oscillates. Regardless of the cost, here’s the kicker: all 750-watt or 1,500-watt heaters produce the same amount of heat!

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