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Report a Power Outage in Gainesboro District


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Currently, no major power outages have been reported.

To report outages in Jackson County, please call one number available 24 hours a day, seven days a week:



Be Prepared with UCEMCStorm-Ready Kit

In the best of circumstances, there may be only minutes to prepare for a potentially dangerous and damaging storm or widespread power outage. It's helpful to know what you'll need to assemble an emergency outage/storm kit:

- Non-perishable food for the family, including pet food and drinking water, cooler with ice;
- Flashlight with fresh batteries;
- Cash and Credit Cards, identification;
- Medicine/prescriptions;
- Fully charged cell phone and charging cords to plug into automobile; gasoline;
- First aid kit;
- Matches and lighters, candles, a pocket knife;
- Battery-powered radio with extra batteries;
- Battery-powered clock;
- Pet supplies, including carrier, leash, ID collars, etc.

BE INFORMED! Visit for more information.


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